Audio Services

Audio Services

I offer a variety of audio services at very reasonable rates. Services include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Multi-track audio recording
  • Audio mastering
  • Audio transfer (from various media types into digital audio)
  • Live audio
  • Audio Editing

*Due to the time investment required for audio services I will only be accepting clients on a project-by-project basis (dependent on my personal schedule and the size of the project).

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Equipment Available for Recording Sessions:



1x AKG D112
1x Audio Technica AT2020
1x Audio Technica AT2021
1x Audix D2
1x Audix D4
2x Apex 185 Pencil Condensor
1x Apex 180 Pencil Condensor
3x CAD Tom Mics
1x Shure SM57
1x Sennheiser e835


Outboard Equipment:
1x MOTU 8PRE Audio Interface
1x Digimax D8 Preamp Strip
1x ART MPA Gold Vacuum Tube Preamp (2 ch)
1x Behringer HA8000 8ch Headphone Amplifier
1x Behringer Multi-Effects Processor
2x DI Boxes (Active and Passive)

Music Note

Various mic stands, cables, MIDI devices and hardware are also available (too plentiful to inventory). Professional quality instruments and amplifiers are available to rent on a flat-rate per-session basis.Additional equipment required, but not provided by, the client will be rented and included on the final services bill.